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Archive System


The Archive System at LUIS offers long term storage for a subset of your data. As of 2015, the retention time for data is at least 10 years, which makes this service ideal to keep safe important research data and results of your work. You can upload files (or sets of files) to your archive account, where it will then be stored in multiple copies.

How does it benefit my work?

By using the archive system, you can enjoy the benefits of magnetic tape based longterm storage:

  • LUIS ensures that data can be retrieved, even years after being deposited.
  • Currently, the time of retention for your data is at least 10 years.
  • The archive system ensures two copies are made, each to individual tape media.
  • May be used to keep data as per requirement of certain research grants.

Apply to use

The requirements page lists all relevant information you need in order to apply for use of the Archive System

Archive System Policy

Use of the Archive System at LUIS is subject to certain requirements and limitations. Please study the Archive-Policy document to learn more.