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Archive Storage - Service Description

The archive service offers long-term storage facilities to organizational units (institutes and 'Zentrale Einrichtungen'). You can keep a subset of your data for a prolonged time span in our facilities, which are backed by magnetic tape. To increase the safety of your data every file will be stored in two copies, with each copy stored to a distinct medium. At least one copy will be stored on tape.

Tape archival systems such as this one have highly specific use cases and traits. Therefore, please keep in mind certain requirements when storing to tape media: choose what to archive, combine many small files to bigger ones, and possibly compress or even encrypt your files. Deposit and retrieval of your data is supposed to be a manual interaction. Frequent or automated access to the archive system is not supported.

Scope of service

The archive service offers the following:

  • Centralised long-term data storage using magnetic tape media
  • Tape media stored in a specially hardened environment
  • Increased data safety through the use of multiple data copies
  • Retention of data for a prolonged period of time
  • Access using encrypted connections (TLS) on all front end servers

Service-specific functional parameters

  • Access method: FTPS with TLS encryption (FTP-over-TLS)
  • Storage space per user account: Both file and byte quotas exist. They currently reflect the following pattern:
  • 500 GB (soft quota), with an option to exceed this quota for a further
    200 GB (hard quota) with a grace period of 30 days
    2000 files  (soft quota), with an option to exceed this quota for a further
    200 Dateien (hard quota) with a grace period of 30 days

  • Group accounts: Under certain circumstances, organizational units of LUH may be able to apply for group accounts with a customized quota.
  • Security: transport encryption mandatory for FTPS control and data connections
  • Data retention for 10 years
  • Supported operating systems: We do not require you to use a particular operating system. Use of the archive service is only subject to the availability of a suitable client program (FTPS client with support for FTP-over-TLS) for your operating system of choice.