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Regulation on the usage of the IT systems and services of the LUIS

Regarding the IT systems and services operated or provided by the LUIS the following regulations and terms of usage apply:

In addition, service dependent regulations may apply. These may be found in the respective application for that service. In some cases additional special circulars apply, which are documented in the so-called Vademecum (in German only).

Principles for the usage of IT services

The above mentioned regulations and laws form the binding, legal basis for the usage of the IT systems of the Leibniz Universität. In particular, the following principles are included:

  • The IT systems and networks of the Leibniz Universität may be used for higher education and research purposes only.
  • The IT must be handled carefully. Disturbances shall be avoided.
  • Thoughtfulness regarding other users in using shared resources like the bandwidth of the network.
  • Spying out of data and computer sabotage is strongly prohibited.
  • The IT usage must comply with the copyright laws.
  • User identifications and passwords must not be shared with other users. Secure passwords shall be used.
  • In any case of disturbances or misuse, please contact the LUIS