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Scientific Computing – Documentation

Login on to the cluster

In order to connect to the computing cluster, log on to:


Graphical access is possible using an X2Go-Client.

File transfers to/from the cluster

For file transfers to/from the compute cluster, we recommended using the dedicated transfer node transfer.cluster.uni-hannover.de. It is equiped with a 10GBs network connection and imposes no limitation on CPU time (as opposed to the login nodes).

Linux: we suggest using any of the following commands to copy files to the cluster: scp, sftp or the graphical tool filezilla (only  sftp protocol). We would also recommend to use the rsync command, which is able to resume interrupted file transfers and can also transfer only the files that have changed.

Windows: you can - for example - use WinSCP or FileZilla (only scp or sftp protocols) to transfer files from your Windows system to the Cluster.

Getting started with the cluster system

In order to facilitate your start with the cluster system, we provide a handbook, an introductory talk and a cheatsheet. Please read the cluster system handbook carefully before starting your work - many questions are already answered here.

Of course we will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have via the central support address cluster-helpluis.uni-hannover.de or in person.

Technical specifications of sub clusters

Cluster Nodes CPUs Cores/Node Cores
/Node (GB)
Total (GB)
/Core (theoretical)
Dumbo 18

4x Intel(R) IvyBridge Xeon E5-4650 v2
(10-core, 2.40 GHz, 25MB Cache, 95W)

40 720 512 9216 19.2
Haku 20 2x Intel Broadwell Xeon E5-2620 v4
(8-core, 2.10GHz, 20MB Cache, 85W)
16 320 64 1280 33.6
Lena 80 2x Intel Haswell Xeon E5-2630 v3
(8-core, 2.40GHz, 20MB Cache, 85W)
16 1280 64 5120 38.4
Tane 96 2x Intel Westmere-EP Xeon X5670
(6-core, 2.93GHz, 12MB Cache, 95W)
12 1152 48 4608 11.72
Taurus 24

2x Intel Skylake Xeon Gold 6130
(16-core, 2.10GHz, 22 MB Cache, 125W)

32 768 128 3072 67.2




4 4x Intel Broadwell-EP Xeon E5-4655 v4
(8-core, 2.5GHz, 30MB Cache, 135W)
32 128 256 1024 40.0
9 4x Intel Westmere-EX Xeon E7-4830
(8-core, 2.13GHz, 24MB Cache, 105W)
32 288 256 2304 8.4
9 4x Intel Backton Xeon E7540
(6-core, 2.00GHz, 18MB Cache, 105W)
24 216 256 2304 8.0
3 4x Intel Westmere-EX Xeon E7-4830
(8-core, 2.13GHz, 24MB Cache, 105W)
32 96 1024 3072 8.52
FCH 73     1844   13744  





2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4116 CPU

2x NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU

CPU: 24

GPU: 2x3584

CPU: 24

GPU: 7168

CPU: 96

GPU: 2x16

CPU: 96

GPU: 32




2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6230 CPU

2x NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU

CPU: 40

GPU: 2x5120

CPU: 160

GPU: 40960

CPU: 128

GPU: 2x16

CPU: 512

GPU: 128



Total 341