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Scientific Computing – Service Description

General Description

In order to meet the demand at the university for increased computing power and increased memory requirements, the IT Services offer massively parallel computing systems and computers with large main memory. These computers are available for all employees of the Leibniz University of Hannover free of charge.

Besides providing the hardware and systems administration, our HPC consultants offer help with any aspect of your computations. Furthermore, we offer introductory talks on how to efficiently use the cluster and how to get started.

The service Scientific Computing is always available whenever the computing power at the individual institutes will not suffice any more.

The service Scientific Computing is closely linked to the service Forschungscluster-Housing, which offers institutes to integrate their hardware into the cluster, thus provisioning the whole software suite that is available on the cluster as well as taking care of the machines. Priority usage rights are granted during working hours to members of the institutes owning the respective machines, and during the night hours, all resources work together on reducing the queue lenght.