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Scientific Computing – Prerequisites

How to apply for a project

A project is the frame in which you will carry out your work on the cluster. To apply for a project, use the form ORG.BEN 4. In this form, you will need to specify the purpose of the computations you want to carry out on the cluster system as well as the type of work, e.g. a bachelor's or master's thesis or any other project of an institute. By signing the form, you agree to be bound by the terms of use that accompany the application.

In order to apply for a project, you need to have the formal authority to sign. Students can only get an account while working at an institute.

Registering and maintaining user names

In order to register a user name you need to have an active project. The project leader can log in to the BIAS website and create a user name.


  • Each user name should reflect the real name of the user by choosing the suffix accordingly.