Software for plagiarism search

The software package Docoloc is available to LUH employees for the recognition of plagiarism in term papers, final papers ...

Docoloc uses only the internet and public sources as references for matching. It is also possible to use non-public sources for comparison. Please send any requests for this to

For the use of the plagiarism software please note the circular 26/2021.

Creation of a user account

You can create a user account for Docoloc at With this account you can already test the demo version.

If you would also like to use Docoloc to carry out professional plagiarism checks, your user account has to be activated for the LUH campus licence. To do this, send the ID of your Docoloc account to As the service is only open for LUH employees, please use your "" address.

For further questions, please contact   

Further information: