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IT-Services for Students at the Leibniz University

WiFi, Internet access, online services, eLearning - Overview and Manual

The Leibniz University offers a variety of online and other services for students. The following booklet describes how to get access the WiFi, the central identity management (IDM)  and other online and offline services.

BookletIT Services for Students

"Datenstation" - Service desk for students

The service desk for students - for historical reasons called 'Datenstation'  - is at your disposal for questions and support around the topic of IT.

Note: Due to the corona crisis the 'Datenstation' is currently closed

However, it is currently accessible via the public chat room #LUIS-Datenstation:matrix.uni-hannover.de (Mon-Fri, 10-15 hrs)

Identity management (IDM)

The access to the IT-based services of the university is granted by the LUH-ID and password that is specified on your "student identity sheet". Among others the university-wide WiFi and the learning management system Stud.IP are the most important services.




The eLearning platform Stud.IP is used in most study courses. Further support on Stud.IP is offered by "elsa" (E-learning Service Abteilung)

Telefon762 - 4040




WiFi access

The computing center operates a growing wireless network that enables mobile access to the internet in almost all buildings with mobile devices such as laptop, netbook or PDA.



Students may use the PC Pool in the computing center by logging in with the LUH-ID. The following functions are available:

  • Activation and management of the IDM account
  • Surfing in the Internet
  • Access to Webmail
  • Document editing with OpenOffice
  • Printing quota free of charge. Volume: 200 sheets per semester

To enable the services you have to activate them via the Account-Manager . For further questions the student at the "Datenstation" is at your disposal.

Note: Due to the corona crisis the PC pool is currently closed

WhereComputing Center, Schloßwender Str. 5, ground floor
WhenMo - Fr 9:00 – 19:00

Printout - Professional Printing

The computing center offers the possibility for students to print out graphics such as technical drawings or blueprints professionally in formats from DIN A4 to DIN A0 and larger.  The service is especially used by students in the fields of architecture, engineering and civil engineering - but also for student theses and dissertations of the non-technical areas the operators find time.

Note: Due to the corona crisis the printing service is currently closed

Where Computing center printing service, Schloßwender Str. 5, ground floor
WhenMo – Fr 8:00 – 18:00
Phone762 - 5137

Printout - Postprocessing

For postprocessing of documents or printouts a PC is available on the ground floor next to the cutting machine.
To get  access to the PC press the button 'Drucknachbearbeitung'. A password is not required. The PC has no connection to the internet.

The following software is installed:

  • Adobe CS5

  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

  • AutoCAD 2011 (Selection via Autodesk)

  • Corel DRAW X5

  • Microsoft Office 2010

  • Open Office 3.2

  • Sophos Anti-Virus

For the user it is allowed to use the installed software and to store data on an external media such as an USB stick. When work is finished the computer re-boots automatically. The system will be reset to an initial state and ALL temporarily stored files on the local hard disk are DELETED for privacy reasons.

IT Manuals

For more than 25 years the computing center offers understandable, timely, practical and highly affordable IT manuals on operating systems, network services, office applications (MS Office, StarOffice, LaTeX, etc.), programming and application programs (Photoshop, InDesign , SPSS, AutoCAD, etc.) in cooperation with other universities.

WhereComputing center information desk, Schloßwender Str. 5
WhenMo – Do 8:00 – 16:00, Fr 8:00 – 14:00
Phone762 - 4735


For students the computing center offers courses on many important topics in the IT field, such as operating systems, application software, programming, network services and security. The classes are free for registered students. Registration for the courses is available online only.







IT security

The computing center provides current anti-virus software (see also software SOPHOS), operates a certification authority (UH-CA), advises on security issues and incidents, and provides specific solutions in the frame of the so-called "safety days".





Microsoft DreamSpark Premium

Microsoft offers free software to all students in the course of the DreamSpark program. This software may be used for research and teaching only. There are many products available, such as Windows 7, Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Access 2010. To use the service a special login is required.

Registration https://login.uni-hannover.de/


The computing center has available a portfolio of free and paid, but affordable software packages for all courses for members of the University.

Sophos – Anti Virus Software



 Other Software

Affordable software can be ordered via the computing center and its cooperations partners. See the following website.



FTP server

A variety of Linux distributions and a special version of the office suite 'StarOffice' are available on an FTP server which is operated by the computing center.



Notebook rental service

Laptops maybe borrowed by students for a maximum of two semesters during a lecture. This requires that a teacher's course for which a notebook is required has to be announced to the computer center. An application form has to be filled out along with the participation certificate for such an event, a copy of the identity card and a certificate of matriculation.



Please note that only students without an own laptop can be taken into account and it is not guaranteed that enough computers are available.