Further IT awareness short films released

Further IT awareness short films released

The LUIS promotes awareness of IT security risks and provides a wide range of information. As a further component of prevention, two additional awareness short films have now been published on the topics of information security and workplace security "organizationally".

Availability – Confidentiality – Integrity: The short film on information security provides information on personal and business data worthy of protection and shows the risks (data theft, manipulation, blackmail, misuse of accounts and even impersonation) in the absence of security measures.

The short film "Workplace security – organizational" provides information on the secure handling of data at your workplace: Sensitive data "on the move" and in the office – What needs to be considered during video conferences? – Where are the "lurking" dangers?

The short film on e-mail security was already available beforehand. Phishing emails, CEO fraud (using false identities to initiate money transfers), tapping into login data ... – email users at LUH are also exposed to these attacks on a daily basis. The short awareness film "Email security" aims to raise awareness of this topic, shows examples of the methods used and provides information on the measures that can be taken to minimize the risks.

The information security staff at Leibniz University Hannover initiated the production of awareness short films at the beginning of 2022. The films were commissioned and financed by LUIS. Production is carried out by ZQS/elsa. The coordinating body is the CIO office.

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