Archive System – Documentation

Archive Policy

Please visit the policy page to find out more about the key features and limitations of the archive system:

Access the archive via FTPS

The archive at LUIS, like many other multi-user facilities, employs a quota to control the storage of files in the system. It is advisable to combine many smaller files into a single but larger file, as well as then compress the resulting file with a data compression utility to save storage space. Zip and TAR are two popular programs to help with this task.


Please note: You can access the archive system via FTPS (explicit FTP-over-TLS) exclusively. Therefore, it is necessary to use a FTP client software that supports FTPS on both control and data connection. Connections to the archive system must be encrypted, and employing FTPS takes care of that. However, the availability of programs to perform FTPS may vary depending on operating system.


For Unix and Linux systems, there is a utility called lftp that can acts as a FTP client with support for FTP-over-TLS. lftp is a command line program.

A graphical client software such as FileZilla is available for a number of operating systems.

Please consider the following when using tools such as FileZilla:

  •  Please use the most recent version of your client (such as FileZilla)!
  •  Setting the server type is important: For FileZilla, you will need to choose "Require explicit FTP over TLS" as server and encryption type. This may vary in other clients.


You can then connect to the archive system from within the Site Manager in FileZilla, or in case of lftp with a command line such as lftp

Login credentials are the same as for the cluster system at LUIS. Once you connect and successfully logged in to the archive system you may simply deposit your files by uploading them. The software at LUIS will take care of copying it to tape.