Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing

Provision of a cluster system with massively parallel computer systems and machines with particularly large main memory.

Who can use this service

Students no
Individual Employees yes
Central Facilities yes
Administrators no

Description Scientific Computing

In order to meet the demand at the university for increased computing power and increased memory requirements, the IT Services offer massively parallel computing systems and computers with large main memory. These computers are available for all employees of the Leibniz University of Hannover free of charge.

  • Scope of services

    The service Scientific Computing offers:

    • Access to the cluster system with currently approx. 350 computing nodes
    • Use of free resources of the service Forschungscluster-Housing (the respective owners get priority during work hours)
    • Central storage systems (HOME, BIGWORK and PROJECT)
    • Central batch system and software server
    • Installation of special software is generally possible subject to an individual agreement (e.g. system suitability, financing)
    • Telephone and Email support
    • System monitoring
    • Introductory course on basic cluster usage (also on request)
  • Service-specific functional parameters
    • Maximum number of simultaneously running jobs per user: 64
    • Maximum number of simultaneously used CPU cores per user: 768
    • maximum job runtime(walltime): 200 hours
    • maximum number of jobs in the queue per user: 2000
    • Disk quota per user in the HOME area: 10 GB
    • Disk quota per user in the BIGWORK area: 1 TB
    • Disk quota per group in the PROJECT area: 10 TB
    • Access to the login nodes via SSH and graphically
    • Access to computing nodes only via the batch system
    • Personal accounts: 1 account per user, 1 user per account
    • At least one active project in the user information and administration service (BIAS) of the data center per associated institute

Prerequisites and User Accounts

  1. To be able to use a cluster system, you must first apply for a project.
  2. You can create usernames and accounts as part of a project (using BIAS).
  3. User accounts give you access to the cluster system.
  • How to apply for a project

    You can use the cluster system via a project applied for at the LUIS. Describe the kind of computations to be done and also the type of work (e.g. a bachelor's or master's thesis, other project at an institute) in the application form. Students can only get an account for their work at an institute.

    PDF, 47 KB
  • Registering and maintaining user names

    The manager of an active project can create user accounts via the BIAS website. The user name should reflect the real name of the user, and the corresponding email address should be their email within the domain (no "freemail" addresses, please).

Getting started with the cluster system

In order to facilitate your start with the cluster system, we provide an introductory talk, a handbook and a cheatsheet. May we suggest to begin with the video to get a first overview. Please continue with the cluster system handbook before starting your work — or at least have a look. Most of the frequently asked questions are already answered there.

The content of this wiki page is regularly extended and updated.


Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Research Cluster Housing

Scientific Computing is closely linked to the Research Cluster Housing service, with which we offer institutes the opportunity to integrate and operate their hardware in the cluster. The resources of Research Cluster Housing are an important part of the cluster system, but the owners of the machines have priority in their use.